Tri Five Cart Rental Reservation


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  • Please select the event you are renting carts for. Note the days of the event, as these will be the days and times the cart(s) must be returned by.
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  • Carts are reserved for the duration of the 3 day event.
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  • By checking this golf cart rental agreement, I understand that I am responsible for the cart(s) listed from the time it is picked up until it is returned to the Saylors Golf Carts tent and inspected. I agree to pay the full retail price ($3,500 - $7,500 depending on cart) of the cart listed above if lost or stolen. If cart is involved in any accident involving person(s), myself or any property, I understand that I am responsible for the damages. Saylors Golf Carts does not cover general liability. I also understand that the cart being rented must be returned by the date and time specified at the event. If turned in later than said time, I understand that my card will be charged $20/hour until returned.